My research focuses on strategic management phenomena in multinational enterprises particularly at the interface between headquarters and foreign subsidiaries. This includes investigations into "boundary-spanning" leadership capabilities for success in the post-recession, “two-speed” global economy.

Other topics include strategies for winning in emerging markets while simultanousely mastering the competitive environment in low-growth mature markets, and competing against -or collaborating with- the newly emerging global competitors from developing markets.

Research Under Review and in Preparation 

Lorenzen, M., Mudambi, R. & Schotter, A. "Global connectedness and local disconnectedness: Studying the relationship between global value chains, cities and economic development." (in prepration for submission to the Journal of International Business Studies)

Paul, J. & Schotter, A. 45 Years of MNE FDI research: A Review and Research Agenda (under review at the  Journal of International Management) 

Chakravarty, D., Schotter, A. & Beamish, P.W. “Alignment and Subsidiary Performance” (under final preparation for submission to the Strategic Management Journal)

Schotter, A. “Boundary Spanners: Performance Effects of Bridging Ties” (targeted at the Strategic Management Journal)

Schotter, A., Teagarden, M. & Richter, U.  “The Multidimensionality of Strategic Integrity Management and CSR in Globalizing Chinese Multinationals” (targeted at the Global Strategy Journal)

Pinkham. B. & Schotter, A. “The Effects of the CEO Twilight Season on Firms’ Strategic Decisions” (targeted at the Strategic Management Journal)

Schotter, A., Walch, K. & Kinsinger, P. “Clairbuoyance: Navigating and Leading in a Turbulent World. (targeted at the Harvard Business Review)

Schotter, A. “Why Reverse Innovation Does Not Exist.” (targeted at the Global Strategy Journal)

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