In late 2013, we published a study on how travel hassles affect firms' foreign investment decisions in the Journal of International Business Studies. While we captured some of the air-pollution effects in our health risk measure, the issue is becoming much more critical. Firms now struggle not only to deploy expatriates in places like Beijing, New Delhi or Mexico City with substantial air pollution there are fewer and fewer managers who actually want to spend time in these places. This of course affects the depth of their firms’ business activities in these countries. In The discussion is picking up steam. CNN recently published a study on the 10 most hated cities in the world. Similarly, The Globe and Mail in an article published on April 9 just pointed to the air pollution hassle. But also those cities that are usually tourist destinations, face serious air pollution issues. Besides infamous Los Angeles, California, Paris France imposed a driving ban for half of the city’s cars on March 17, 2014. The real questions is, how firms can proactively engage in reducing the pollution issue instead of avoiding certain locations all together.  

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